Top 10 Mishaps to Avoid When Hiking the Appalachian Trail

As with all of AppalachianTrailClarity’s articles, please note that this one person’s perspective. I am not an expert on anything in life but a lifelong learner in everything. These are mistakes I have made, still make, and those that I see others making as I work with new hikers ten hours per day, five days per … More Top 10 Mishaps to Avoid When Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Hiking alone together

Are you questioning whether a solo hike is for you?  Maybe you’re afraid of being “alone in the woods”. Or are others trying to persuade you that it’s dangerous to hike the Appalachian Trail alone?  Guess what!?  Statistics are very much on your side. You’ll be fine!  You may have heard the phrase, “hike alone, together”. … More Hiking alone together

A Four-Legged Surprise

On the A.T., expect the unexpected. Ascending the very dry Bluff Mountain in Virginia on an unusually warm day in early October meant lugging three heavy liters of water and drinking conservatively as the next easy access to water was a whopping ten miles away.  Celebrating having just crossed over my 1,400 mile mark, at … More A Four-Legged Surprise

600 mile journal – I <3 Massachusetts!

This hundred miles greeted me immediately with a grand entrance into Massachusetts. Day one set a precedent that was, fortunately, continued throughout this hundred mile section. Upon saying farewell to Connecticut, there were miles of stream side mountain walks complete with inviting swimming holes, picturesque waterfalls that beckon hikers to pause their walks and enjoy … More 600 mile journal – I ❤ Massachusetts!

500 mile journal – Why Keep Going? Why Is It Worth It?

Five hundred miles have now been traveled on these feet of mine. They have suffered numerous stubbed toes on trail-covering tree roots resembling gnarled arthritic hands. Early blisters have evolved into protective callouses. Mosquitoes have apparently organized mass attacks on exhausted hikers, even biting through clothes! You hide out in your tent, kill the four … More 500 mile journal – Why Keep Going? Why Is It Worth It?

400 mile journal – Trail Angels and Magic

Eighty two miles of this hundred continued in the same manner as the last hundred ended…painfully. Tendinitis in both legs augmented the normal trail trials and tribulations. New Jersey gave way to New York which abruptly greets hikers with challenging hand over hand rock scrambles with appropriate names like The Ladder and The Lemon Squeezer, … More 400 mile journal – Trail Angels and Magic