A Four-Legged Surprise

On the A.T., expect the unexpected. Ascending the very dry Bluff Mountain in Virginia on an unusually warm day in early October meant lugging three heavy liters of water and drinking conservatively as the next easy access to water was a whopping ten miles away.  Celebrating having just crossed over my 1,400 mile mark, at … More A Four-Legged Surprise

800 mile journal – Vermont Bridge Jump? Yep, video below! Definitely recommend!

The 800th mile of this journey has brought with it many bruises, a heavier pack to carry full of cold weather gear and mountains more brutally grueling and more richly rewarding than any other on the Appalachian Trail! Gone are the twenty mile days of hiking solid speeds of three miles per hour. Miles in … More 800 mile journal – Vermont Bridge Jump? Yep, video below! Definitely recommend!

600 mile journal – I <3 Massachusetts!

This hundred miles greeted me immediately with a grand entrance into Massachusetts. Day one set a precedent that was, fortunately, continued throughout this hundred mile section. Upon saying farewell to Connecticut, there were miles of stream side mountain walks complete with inviting swimming holes, picturesque waterfalls that beckon hikers to pause their walks and enjoy … More 600 mile journal – I ❤ Massachusetts!

200 mile journal – Trail Lessons

Every hundred miles, my goal is to journal a summary to share with you all. I’m zeroing at 191 miles today. Close enough. This week, filled with soaking shoes, slippery stones, silly stories, swollen feet, magic moments, and cleansing, guttural laughter has been riddled with rocky ups and downs, both literally and figuratively. Endless wet, ankle-twisting rocks … More 200 mile journal – Trail Lessons