It’s Only Fun Once You Accept It’s Difficult

July 12, 2021 My pilgrimage of 422,000 steps, marked with dots registered by satellites orbiting the earth, was a journey of self-discovery that began in Yosemite National Park and ended 30.4 miles short of the John Muir Trail’s final terminus, the apex of Mount Whitney. Having thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail solo in 2015 over a … More It’s Only Fun Once You Accept It’s Difficult

Today I Almost Died

After a hiker’s dream breakfast full of carbs and protein at Red’s Meadow Resort, we started on trail at 8:20am. Hiking with companions for the first time, Bella (trail named Buggy) and Keeley (Bear), we chattered nonstop, openly and honestly about life, and the miles passed quickly as we became fast friends! With similar hiking … More Today I Almost Died