FAQ About a Thru-Hike

Hey guys! I get asked these questions a LOT, and I think they could help others who are just getting started.  My answers only reflect MY experience. There are multiple other ways to do things, but I will try to explain the most common ways I observed thru-hikers doing the following tasks. Frequently asked questions: … More FAQ About a Thru-Hike

What Harm Will One Piece of Litter Do?

**Warning: Some of the images below may be disturbing, however, it important to show others how our seemingly benign actions can drastically harm those with whom we share our planet. Take it from the words of “Hummingbird”, a young hiker who internalizes the Leave No Trace lessons on her hikes. Watch her brief video explanation here.  Why … More What Harm Will One Piece of Litter Do?

A Four-Legged Surprise

On the A.T., expect the unexpected. Ascending the very dry Bluff Mountain in Virginia on an unusually warm day in early October meant lugging three heavy liters of water and drinking conservatively as the next easy access to water was a whopping ten miles away.  Celebrating having just crossed over my 1,400 mile mark, at … More A Four-Legged Surprise

1,800 mile journal – Uplifting Trail Company!

What a memorable hundred miles this has been as my remaining distance dropped below the 500 mile mark and I finally escaped Virginia’s clutches and made my way into Tennessee! With its share of overcast grayness and abbreviated daylight hours, the few dappled interruptions of warm, sunny days were revitalizing gifts that provided a desperately … More 1,800 mile journal – Uplifting Trail Company!