Want to Know What the Trail’s Really Like?

My youtube channel is messy and full of everything from Taekwondo to my silly pups to Appalachian Trail excitement so I’m narrowing it down for you here if you’re interested in short video clips of the ever-changing trail. ūüôā The blue titles are links that take you to a video clip. Following each link is the time duration of the video. Most are less than a minute. Please forgive the vertical orientation. Phone camera technical difficulties. (In other words, my fault.) Cheers!


My first day in Massachusetts provided me with one of the top 10 days of my entire life! Seventy-eight degrees, three big climbs leaving Connecticut and entering MA, abundantly sweet blueberries, and this view for over half a mile. This was the first day on my trek I even thought of whipping out the video camera.  From then on, the rest was history.  Entering into Massachusetts and greeted with THIS! 1 minute, 15 seconds

Welcome to Massachusetts!
Breathtaking Mt. Race

Mount Race, southern Massachusetts
1 minute, 35 seconds

Mt. Race


Mount Greylock was incredible! Massachusettes’ highest peak! ¬†Stay at the Bascom Lodge right there on the summit for the best lodge views on trail…and only $37!¬†1 minute, 24 seconds

This is the view from the Bascom Lodge bunkroom
View from Greylock


Hiking down a ski slop on Bromley Mountain in southern Vermont. You just never know what beauty lies ahead on our beloved trail! 29 seconds


Vermont green!  One of the most peaceful states on trail.
 48 seconds

Hiking Baker Peak in Vermont – Later I learned “Bad weather routes” were more for protection from lightning than due to difficulty of trail. 1 minute, 29 seconds

Baker Peak part 2 – From the top! As a flip-flopper who didn’t start my thru-hike until West Virginia, I’m fairly new to climbs and views at this point. Just wait till New Hampshire and Maine. 1 minute, 19 seconds

Look at the crazy fun you can have hiking the trail! Jumping off a 30 foot bridge? ¬†You haven’t lived ’til you’ve done it. Don’t worry, Randy at the A.T. pancake hostel across the street will demo it for you first. ūüôā 8 seconds

Randy's Pancake House
Randy and Linda’s AT pancake hostel and bridge jump – next door to the library


From waterfall walks to mudbogs. Enjoy Vermont! 30 seconds (oops. Will fix this link as soon as my internet connectivity is better.)


Watch the views just disappear in front of your eyes on Franconia Ridge
– Sometimes hiking thousands of feet towards the sky will lead you to nothing but views like this. It’s all part of the journey. 22 seconds

Mount Moosilauke, NH


The arduous beauty of New Hampshire РKinsman Mountain 53 seconds
549 (2)


Up, up, up!  14 seconds562 (2)

The Presidentials of New Hampshire – Mount Lincoln
26 seconds
564 (2)

Webster Cliffs from the top
– 20 seconds

Walking above treeline in New Hampshire
– 32 seconds


Baldpate Mountain in Southern Maine – Gorgeous summit, but Maine is TOUGH – 37 seconds

Bad days happen on the A.T., but often they turn into this.
34 seconds

A few seconds of the most challenging (yet fun!) mile on the A.T., the Mashoosuc Notch in Maine Р20 seconds


Revitalize your soul with a sunrise – Little Swift River Pond, Maine – 1 minute, 8 seconds

Bemis Mountain, Maine – Gorgeous rock bald with endless distractions of blueberries!
1 minute, 11 seconds



Frustrating day of “this was supposed to be an ‘easy’ part of Maine. ¬†Not! 55 seconds

Saddleback Mountain Climb – Maine
– 48 seconds

Saddleback Junior Mountain and the music in its silence
– 39 seconds


Stream crossings are daily on the A.T. – 30 seconds

The last “big” climb in Maine heading north are the Bigelow Mountains – Kind of surreal
yet absolutely the most beautiful yet!
1 minute, 7 seconds


1000 mile spot and mini reflection – 51 seconds

Entering the Hundred Mile Wilderness in Maine
– 55 seconds


Shelter life with friends waiting out a storm – 24 seconds

Hundred Mile Wilderness part 2
– 51 seconds


The crazy din of the wind on a Maine mountaintop in the Hundred Mile Wilderness
– 56 seconds

Beginning the climb up Mount Katahdi
n greets you with a waterfall
– 13 seconds
Oh my gosh, Katahdin! Adrenaline is a’pumpin! 30 seconds


Climbing Katahdin is SO MUCH FUN! 17 seconds

Party on the summit with the trail family!
28 seconds

While in Maine, I wanted to see its beautifully famous coast.  Check, check!
27 seconds
Maine coastMaine Coast2

In Harpers Ferry, West Virginia once more. Let part 2 of my flip-flop journey begin!
13 seconds

Part 1 of following a bear in the Shenandoah National Park
– 1 minute, 3 seconds

Part 2 of following a bear in the Shenandoah National Park – 1 minute, 18 seconds


Numerous deer and two bucks. How close will they allow me to get as I walk along the trail? Incredible moment on a dreary, cold day. Ever grateful for the experiences I had on the A.T. 
 1 minute, 23 seconds
61 (2)62 (2)

The Appalachian River – 18 miles of trail like I’ve never seen before post Hurricane Joaquin.
37 seconds

The Appalachian River part 2 – 18 miles of walking through rivers. 39 seconds

The Appalachian River part 3 РNot everyday on the trail will be sunshine and butterflies. 34 seconds

Walking through a rainbow! 34 seconds


Come along with me on an autumn walk. Beauty like you’ve never seen. 36 seconds

Check out the beauty of Virginia’s Tinker Cliffs
– 55 seconds

From a forest to a cow field! The A.T.’s always changing!
38 seconds

Hump Mountain, Virginia with its 360 degree view – Stunning!
26 seconds

Climbing Roan Mountain in VA – 50 seconds

After many rainy, cold days, finally sunshine appears! Happy! 1 min, 4 seconds

Good morning world from the 360 views on Bald Mountain! 28 seconds

Rocky walk in Tennessee
 РThe rocks never end on the A.T.!
– 23 seconds

The most incredible sunset in over 2,100 miles of trail. Max Patch – 30 seconds


Sunrise on Max Patch in Tennessee. Best Monday morning of my life. Watch that beautiful thing rise in real time.  42 seconds

Part 2 of Sunrise on Max Patch in Tennessee was epic. Best on trail. You must camp here if the weather permits! Р43 seconds

Wind you can see from the Smoky Mountains!¬†Get ready for weather like you’ve probably never seen!¬†17 seconds


2,000 mile mark thoughts!¬†I’m almost home!¬†47 seconds

2000 miles. Right here.

Overnight ice storm turned the trail into frigid winter wonderland – 38 seconds

12 degrees last night  Brrrr!


Happy Thanksgiving from the Appalachian Trail! 50 seconds

One hundred miles to go from right here!  37 seconds

I’m back home in Georgia! Home sweet home! Reflection. 46 seconds

Quick visit home to wait out some bad weather before finishing my last few miles elicited a very memorable reunion with my two lovebug pups, 13 year old Scruffy, and 3 year old Maya.
¬†The most heartwarming¬†47 seconds of my life. ūüôā

Hiking with my brother, Clint, and my pup, Maya who joined me my last thirty miles. 32 seconds

My awesome brother and sweet trail pup joined me for the last 30 miles. Blood Mountain, GA – 25 seconds

My perfect little quadruped hiking pal – 25 seconds

I’ll be stationed as a ridgerunner on the Appalachian Trail this spring and am happy to help you guys! My job is to protect our Trail and help YOU have the best experience possible out there. Emailing me is fine or find me on Facebook by looking up Appalachian Trail Clarity. Stay safe out there y’all and live it up!












11 thoughts on “Want to Know What the Trail’s Really Like?

  1. Hi there from sunny Florida!! Great job on your entire website and congrats on completing the AT. Thinking about doing a similar flip flop. Would you do anything differently as far as start time and start location? Love the following the bear in the SNP video’s. A great reason to camp away from trails!!!


    1. Awesome! The only other option I would consider myself would be to start 2-3 weeks earlier south of Shenandoah National Park and head north. But honestly, if I had to do it over, I’d start right where I was. ūüėČ Going north first provides the social experience I was after and heading south provides the quieter experience I also craved. If you hike south first, you miss out on meeting up with a trail family.


      1. Roger that. Have considered an earlier start further south or an earlier start from Harper’s Ferry. Loved the home coming video with your pups!!! You find a way to make a living following your passion yet? The two biggest regrets of Boomers? Working too much & not traveling enough. Guilty on both counts!


      2. Good for you!!!! Haven’t finished looking at your site, did you post the resupply points and weather information?¬†

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


      3. Awesome article ideas! I’ll work on the resupply one next. Regarding weather, download the free AT weather app on your phone. It gives you weather for specific mile markers on the AT. Cheers!


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