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Clarity is both my purpose and my trail name.  In a quest to find clarity, I embarked on my first backpacking experience with a 6-month long flip-flop thru-hike of the A.T.  On June 5, 2015, less than 7 months after suffering from a broken back, I walked northbound (NOBO) from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and summitted Mount Katahdin in Maine on September 15, 2015.  One long road trip later, I found myself back in Harpers Ferry for part 2, a southbound (SOBO) trek to my home in Georgia.  Over 2,100 miles later, I can now be considered somewhat experienced in the sport of long distance hiking.



As a successful elementary teacher for eleven years, my passion is educating others, especially kids. Combine that with my intrinsic love of the great outdoors, and I’d be a happy camper! 😉 Being a newbie to this whole backpacking thing meant lots of overwhelming information to weed through and myriad mistakes.  Important for us perfectionists to remember, the mistakes are part of the journey.  Be in it for the journey, not the destination, and you, too, will succeed!

This blog is a way to allow me to share resources with others who may be in similar “hiking shoes”.  A female who desires to hike the Appalachians solo?  Where does one even begin? Hopefully I can help!  Emails are welcome! Just click here to email Clarity. Or click here to follow AppalachianTrailClarity on Facebook. 

Clarity’s Published Works:

BeerAdvocate Magazine
Grin and Beer It: Watering Holes Cater to Hikers Along the Appalachian Trail

Athens Banner Herald
Ten Items to Include in Every Day Pack – Part 1

Ten Items to Include in Every Day Pack – Part 2

Ten Mistakes to Avoid when Hiking the Appalachian Trail  – Part 1

Ten Mistakes to Avoid when Hiking the Appalachian Trail – Part 2

15 thoughts on “About Clarity (Allyson)

  1. Hey Clarity! Shortbus here! Sugar Magnolia and I are going to be hiking from Springer to the NOC starting September 1st. Will you still be ridge running then? Hope to see you on the trail.


  2. Hi Clarity, I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! BTW, I am the lady who was at Springer Mountain just as you, Athena, and Science completed the AT a few months ago. Hoping to see your presentations at Amicalola this weekend–good luck!


  3. Hi Clarity,
    I just came across your blog and love it. As I’m planning a thru hike as well and found the information very helpful. I see that you were able to document your hike (pics/videos). What type of camera/equipment did you use? I’m trying to keep my pack as light as I can get it and as of right know it weighs 15 lbs with no water/food/clothes, so adding a camera may be too much. I appreciate your response. Thanks.


  4. Hey Clarity…..this is Randy. Thank you so much for your insight and assisting me when I was there. I was the one who was going home early because of back pain and bloody urine…uggggg!!!! turned out to be a Urinary tract infecting and possible enlarge prostate. Darnit! but thanks for the encouragement and hope to see you and get back on the trail aas time permits. Continue the awesome works and helping me stay positive. Thanks!!!! Randy


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